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About us

The real estate Net/Re House associated with Remax real estate n. 1 in the world with 7358 agencies present in 101 countries worldwide with over 120,000 consultants. We operate in the field of the sale and leases more than 25 years in one of the territories of the most beautiful and natural of Italy, in the heart of Tuscia only a few kilometers from Tuscany and Umbria, we offer all the services necessary for purchasing of your property, providing the support of a network of professional partners such as tax and financial consultants, engineers, architects and translators. Net/Re House is a study of real estate professionals associated with Remax, collaborating on the only goal to offer their customers outstanding service. We will support you in every decision-making process, from the choice to purchase formalization, because working together means winning!

Our goal is to reach your, analyzing every single variable, studying every need, ensuring the perfect solution to all your needs to buy or sell.

Where we work

We work on the whole Italian territory and are aiming for the leadership of the housing market in the Tuscia (north of Lazio), Tuscany and Umbria; our agency is the focal point in the area for those who want to sell or buy real estate. Every day we work doing our best to offer our clients an impeccable service. The result is the guarantee of a comprehensive, fast and secure service.

Bolsena's Lake

Bolsena's Lake is a lake in Central Italy, the largest of Lazio and the largest volcanic lake of Europe. The area surrounding the lake boasts a natural environment almost completely untouched. The lake was created when volcanic apparatus Vulsinio, which boasted 7 craters, following a violent volcanic explosion collapses on itself, creating a huge caldera which will be gradually covered by water of the future lake. On the lake there are two islands that are the remains of two volcanic craters: the Island Martana and the Island Bisentina.

Bisentina Island

It's the largest island and maintains an almost totally unspoiled nature, picturesque landscapes and monuments. There are seven churches, including one dedicated to Saints James and Christopher, whose chapel was frescoed by Vignola. Among the buildings of the island we also remember the Malta of Pope, life imprisonment dug in the ground to house those convicted of heresy. Today the island belongs to the aristocratic family Fieschi Ravaschieri of the Dragon Princes.

Martana Island

The island Martana, placed in front of the Country of Marta, which is about 2 km, which is shaped like a crescent. Compared to the other island, it is more rugged, but very charming from a landscape point of view. During the reign of the Goths, there has been segregated and then brutally killed the queen Amalasunta, at the hands of a hired killer on order of his cousin and husband Theodatus, greedy for money and power.